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Film & TV

Film & Television

Digitally and handmade pieces created to drive story and create worlds

Font Revival

Period type and lettering converted into digital fonts



Hi there, I'm Leah. After spending five years in the commercial design world, I discovered Graphic Design for Film & TV, and as the saying goes, it was love at first sight. To have an outlet to combine graphic design, making things with my hands, research, textual analysis, and variety is absolutely magical to me. I am so inspired by the character that pieces of everyday design can have, and aspire to capture that in my own work. I'm especially drawn to the craftsmanship and style of art deco and midcentury graphics. Outside of the design world, I'm the proud mom of a rescued 110 lb. lap dog.



(Infrequently Asked Questions)

What was your first foray into design?

As an 8-year-old, being taught by my portrait photographer dad how to draw boogers on people in Photoshop.

What early sign cemented your future creative career?

When we got diorama projects in school, everyone else would groan while I had to actively contain my excitement (there were very few cool points I had to hang onto).

How did you discover the coolest niche job in the world?

By listening to the 99% Invisible "Hero Props" episode with Annie Atkins. I sat there with my jaw agape as she explained her design process (on my favorite movie) and instantly knew that no more perfect job would ever exist for me.

Who from your childhood has come back to inspire your development as an adult?

As a teen, I loved watching Mythbusters and was especially a fan of Adam Savage's craftsmanship and humor. I rediscovered him through his YouTube channel and have really been inspired by him as a maker.

What do you love most about design?

Its ability to work even if no one pays attention to it⁠; it’s quietly powerful.

What have been your most traumatizing design moments?

Being told by a former boss that "white space is wasted space," getting non-ironic emails in Comic Sans, and learning to code.

Does it bother you that most film and TV graphics go unnoticed?

I actually really love there's just a tiny, super-niche group of design nerds who see and appreciate them.

What tenant has gotten you farthest in your career?

If you don't know how to do something, Google itand if that doesn't work, Google it differently.

What combination of women do you aspire to be?

My tiny but no-BS high school ceramics teacher who saw artfulness in everyone and everything, a late coworker who interacted with people in the most special way, and (obviously) Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Who is your favorite artistic partnership of all time?

Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

May I have your dog's business card?

Of course! No one ever expects him to have business cards, so thank you for intuiting his professionalism.



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