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It had been raining for hours, and with the weather showing no signs of letting up, my mother plopped my restless brothers and me in front of our television and popped into our brand new DVD player Volume I of Pixar Shorts. As it played Pixar’s first produced animation, “Red’s Dream,” the hard, steel, previously inanimate unicycle came to life in a way I had never imagined possible. It bent at just the right points to suggest human movement, and its peddles turned at just the right speed to give a sense of its mood. The lighting changed with the slightest variations as the settings seamlessly faded from flashbacks to present, and the soft movements of the unicycle seat give the clearest projections of its emotions. Pixar brought to life everything and anything, and with each ingeniously subtle movement, color, and line, created an entirely new world. It was the kind of world you couldn’t help but to fall into, and when you emerged, came back into the real world where everything had the potential of life and human expression and intricately crafted stories.


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